Hey You with the Pretty face~

Welcome to the Human Race.

Aspiring Moon Princess. <3

Outspoken feminist graphic designer, jewelry artist, and oil painter who wants the destruction of the patriarchy, a soft kitten, and dreams of travel.

Anime/Manga/Cosplay Nerd

Age: 23. Bisexual.

Status: Dating the Avatar.







Maybe the reason Lolita fashion freaks people out

Is because it’s feminine, but it’s noticeable and takes up space

When our society wants femininity to be about being small and unnoticeable

And people who subscribe to that can’t handle that Lolita is delicate and feminine while demanding attention, while taking up room that is rightfully ours in a world that wants the feminine to be contained

Makes absolute sense.

Sitting in my dining rom at home in my new pin up girl fruit swimsuit blasting FEMM and eating chicken quesadillas.